About Ultimate Ears

Founded in 1995, Ultimate Ears is a custom in-ear monitor and earphone manufacturer.  Ultimate Ears developed the first high-performance two-way, custom in-ear stage monitors, and soon after, Ultimate Ears expanded its portfolio of digital audio products to provide more options for portable music listening devices. Ultimate Ears currently offers a full product line of custom earphones and custom in-ear monitors that provide great sound quality and a comfortable fit.  Ultimate Ears has a loyal following of sound engineers, mainstream music lovers, and even some of the world’s most popular touring musicians, athletes, and celebrities.

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Since each custom in-ear accessory is handmade to perfectly fit your ear, a custom ear mold impression is required. You can easily schedule an appointment with our audiologist at the North County Audiology clinic which is conveniently located in San Diego, CA and offers custom ear mold services. We will take an ear mold impression of your ears and then help you decide which in-ear accessory is best for you.

Get your custom ear mold at North County Audiology so you can enjoy the custom in-ear products offered by Ultimate Ears.


For custom ear mold impressions in San Diego, CA call (858) 240-4722 and make an appointment with the experienced hearing care professional at North County Audiology.

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