About Westone

Founded in 1959, Westone is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of custom in-ear communication and hearing protection products made to help enhance hearing, help with communication, and support hearing healthcare. Westone has been at the forefront of in-ear products since the early 90’s and offers a wide range of custom in-ear accessories including custom earpieces for hearing aids, custom hearing protection products, in-ear musicians’ monitors, premium earphones for personal listening, and specialty communication products, which is why Westone is known as “The In-Ear Experts.” Westone’s custom hearing products are made for various applications and are commonly used by musicians, industrial workers, motorcyclists, hunters, concert goers, swimmers, military personnel, and airline personnel.

Custom Earphone by Westone

Westone custom earphone products combine the latest in acoustic technology and over five decades of experience in crafting custom fit products for the human ear. “Customs” as they are most commonly referred to, are primarily used by the professional on-stage musician but have also gained popularity with music lovers looking for a significant listening earpiece. Athletes looking for an earphone that stays in the ear can also benefit from a custom made product. All Westone custom products require an ear mold impression, and Westone custom monitors are made to order and offer virtually unlimited customization options.

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Custom-Fitted Hearing Protection by Westone

Westone offers quality hearing protection devices like DefendEar, a line of custom hearing protection products made for industrial hearing protection, digital hearing protection, and even personal hearing protection. Westone’s DefendEar hearing protection products can be used for swimming, hunting, industrial purposes, and even sleeping.

Learn more about the DefendEar custom hearing protection devices by Westone.

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