There are many different causes of hearing loss including disease, injury, infection and earwax blockage, and many people who suffer from hearing loss are not even aware of their condition until it is brought to their attention by friends and family who have noticed. Hearing loss can have a major effect on your quality of life and make it harder for you to interact with others. Hearing loss can also affect your personal safety if you’re not able to hear alarms, traffic, or even a doctor’s orders well. Fortunately, there are many solutions and treatments available for hearing loss problems.

Below is a list of some of our hearing loss evaluation and treatment services:

North County AudiologyHearing Loss Diagnosis & Treatment specializes in hearing loss treatment, and we provide a full range of hearing loss evaluation and treatment services to meet the various needs of our hearing loss patients in San Diego, California. Our hearing loss treatment specialist has years of experience and can tailor your treatment to meet your needs and lifestyle. Our expert audiologist will work with you to determine the type of and degree of your hearing loss and provide you with the appropriate treatment.

When you come in, our audiologist will conduct all of the necessary hearing tests and evaluations, and based off the hearing test results, our hearing care professional will develop the best hearing improvement plan for you. Our audiologist will discuss the hearing test results with you and recommend any hearing solutions based upon your specific needs.

If hearing aids are recommended, we will walk you through the entire hearing aid process, from selecting the best hearing aid for your needs, to ensuring that it functions and fits properly. After the hearing aid evaluation and the hearing aid fitting, our hearing aid specialist is also able to make any necessary hearing aid adjustments and/or hearing aid repairs down the road.

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There are many conditions that may require medical treatment. If, during the course of the hearing testing and case history, we see something that warrants medical treatment, we will recommend the patient to see their primary care physician or to visit an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Cochlear implants are another common hearing loss treatment. Cochlear implants are used for those with severe to profound hearing losses, who do not receive benefit from traditional hearing aids. If our audiologist recommends cochlear implants, we will refer you to have a cochlear implant evaluation.

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We are dedicated to providing quality hearing care services that result in optimal hearing improvement for our patients. We understand that your hearing is important to the quality of your life. If you seek hearing loss diagnosis and treatment in the San Diego area, contact the highly qualified hearing care professional at North County Audiology. Contact us today we are conveniently located in San Diego, California.