Are you suffering from a hearing loss problem and would like to have your hearing tested? The hearing care professionals at North County Audiology offer hearing tests for individuals ages 5 and up. Serving San Diego, CA and the surrounding areas, we offer everything from complete audiological evaluations for adults to simple hearing assessments for children ages 5 and up.

Hearing Testing & Evaluation Process

Our audiologist will first gather and evaluate some basic information about your medical history by asking you a number of questions regarding your ears and hearing loss.

Ear Examination

After your hearing history, our audiologist willEar Examination physically inspect your ears for ear wax (Cerumen) and for any foreign objects that might be blocking your ear canals. Anything partially or completely blocking your ear canals can negatively affect your hearing ability and may alter your hearing test results.

The audiologist will also examine your ear canals and eardrums for problems including holes in your eardrum, signs of infection in your ear canal or middle ear, and any other abnormalities in your ear. If necessary, we will refer you to a medical doctor, most likely your primary care or an ear specialist, for treatment. Remember, audiologists assess hearing; they do not treat ears medically.

Acoustic Immittance Testing

After your audiologist examines your ear canals, the next step in the hearing test process is Acoustic Immittance Testing which consists of two parts: the Acoustic Reflex Test and the Tympanometry Test.  The purpose of Acoustic Immittance Testing is to assess the integrity and function of the middle ear system and see how well your ear drum and hearing react to varying degrees of air pressure. This type of hearing testing is very useful in determining the location of a hearing loss problem.

Pure Tone Hearing Tests

Following the Acoustic Immittance Testing will be the Pure Tone Hearing Tests which involve two types of Pure Tone Testing: Pure Tone Air Conduction Testing and Pure Tone Bone Conduction Testing. Pure Tone Testing will help determine the degree of hearing loss which is usually measured as follows: mild, moderate, severe, or profound. This hearing test will also help identifyHearing Testing the type of hearing loss. The primary types of hearing loss include: conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, and mixed hearing loss.

Speech Testing

Next, your audiologist will conduct speech testing where you will listen to a series of one and two syllable words at different volumes and be asked to repeat them. Speech testing will help determine how well speech is understood and help detect hearing loss problems that might be beyond the hearing nerve. It also gives insight as to how well hearing aid products will help. Speech testing usually involves the following hearing tests: the Speech Recognition Threshold (SRT) test, the Speech Awareness Threshold (SAT) test, and the Speech Discrimination (SD) test.

That’s the complete hearingAudiogram test process. Sometimes it is not necessary to administer all of the hearing tests.  Which hearing tests we administer will depend on your particular situation.  Your hearing test results will be recorded on a graph called an Audiogram. If any part of the audiological evaluation indicates that medical treatment is necessary, the audiologist will refer you to a physician. If appropriate, at North County Audiology, our hearing care professionals will be happy to discuss options for hearing loss treatments.

Now you know what to expect when you have a complete audiological evaluation at North County Audiology located in San Diego, California! So if you suffer from hearing loss problems, contact us today to make an appointment to get your hearing tested.