Hearing Aid Dispenser San DiegoFinding the right audiologist is extremely important, and at North County Audiology we understand that perfectly. Our hearing loss treatment center in San Diego, California has taken the initiative to find the staff that meets our high standards. We only staff professional, friendly, and knowledgeable audiologists who understand the daily demands and needs of our patients.

If you still find yourself unsure on whether you are ready or not to take the first step towards letting North County Audiology help treat your hearing loss, please read some of our testimonials below. We hope these will put any of your concerns to rest!

Let our patients tell you about their successes with North County Audiology, a quality hearing aid dispenser in San Diego, California. You can reach the same success by making your first appointment. Call (858) 240-4722 today for your audiological evaluation.

“If I had known how pleasant, and with such good results I would have been wearing this type hearing aid sooner!” – Mrs. Mary Lou from Carlsbad, CA


“Overall experience was very satisfactory.” – Dr. John E. Cutler from Fallbrook, CA


“Everyone I was involved with was really helpful, professional and friendly.” – Mr. Daniel W. Sturgess from San Diego, CA


“At first I was having a difficult time with too loud, keeping them in. After my 2/10 visit they are much better. The sound was turned down and they aren’t popping out.” – Mrs. Carole Gore from Encinitas, CA


“I am having challenges with the Lyric but expect they will sooth out as given time.” – Dr. Ronald Shrader from Cardiff, CA


“My friend, Tom Norton, highly recommended Alma Chavez and his experience was well placed, as I came to admire Alma’s professional and outgoing personality. I would recommend the services I received.” – Mr. Stan Roger, Spring Valley, CA


“I like them very much. If I didn’t have them I couldn’t hear at all!” – Mrs. Julie Skope from San Diego, CA


“As a psychologist whose clients are 98% male, with lower voices, I was missing many words in the conversation. It was embarrassing to have to ask clients to repeat themselves, especially during emotionally laden topics. My new hearing aids have freed me eliminating the struggle to hear and freeing me to better serve the client. Thank you!” – Dr. Ri Venuti from San Diego, CA


“Comfortable and adjustable. Far superior to the others I have owned and used.” (referring to Lyric hearing devices) – Mr. Phil Pisciotta from Rancho Santa Fe, CA


“Knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and very professional describes the entire staff.” – Mr. Jack Popoff from Rancho Santa Fe, CA