At North County Audiology, we offer the best hearing aids with the best hearing aid technology available. Traditionally, there are two different types of hearing aids: Analog and Digital, but nowadays, most hearing aids are fully digital. At the North County Audiology hearing aid center in San Diego, CA our hearing aid specialists can perform hearing tests and a hearing aid evaluation to find out what type of hearing aid is best for you.

Hearing aid manufacturers are creating new hearing aid devices every year to accommodate the difficult lifestyles of people with hearing loss. With all the newly developed hearing aid technology, hearing aid users are now able to buy a hearing aid that can reduce environment noise, whistling and other unwanted sounds.

A number of factors come into play when determining which hearing aid and what type of hearing aid technology will best suit your hearing needs. Some factors include the degree and type of hearing loss, lifestyle, and of course personal preferences.

Below are descriptions of the 2 main types of hearing aids:


Analog hearing aids have been around for many years. Typically, analog hearing aids amplify all sounds equally. The volume of the sounds can be adjusted if the devices are equipped with a volume control. Some analog devices are capable of storing programs into the aid. The programs can be changed depending upon the listening environment the patient is in. This type of circuitry gives little adjustment capabilities for audiologists to control and is usually the least expensive.


Digital hearing aids are the most advanced hearing aid technology available. Digital hearing aids have similar features to analog aids, except that they convert the sound waves into numerical codes and then amplify them. Some frequencies can be amplified more than others, which results in hearing aids that are programmed specifically for the particular individuals hearing loss. Programming can also be modified in the future if the patient’s hearing loss changes. Digital aids can also be programmed to focus on sounds coming from a certain direction, helping reduce background noise.

Not only does the audiologist have more flexibility in adjusting a digital hearing aid to a user’s needs, but the patient can also have a great deal of control over the device. The hearing aid can be set to automatic, or if desired, the user can set the change the settings to work optimally depending on the listening environment.

Some digital hearing aid devices are even Bluetooth compatible. This allows for wireless streaming of signals from a cell phone, TV, or other devices directly into the hearing devices.

Digital circuitry is available with all styles of hearing aids. Digital technology generally costs more than analog, however there are different levels of digital technology and we will work with you to match the technology level to your budget.

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