At North County Audiology, we understand that the first appointment can be a little nerve-racking.  But taking the first step in setting up an appointment at our hearing health center to address your hearing loss concerns has already taken the most difficult step out of the way!  The rest of the process is simple, and our qualified audiologist will make sure that you are always guided along the way, and never left alone struggling to achieve your goals.

Hearing Aids in San DiegoFirst, you will set up an initial visit appointment.  During this visit, the friendly hearing loss specialist will discuss your background and answer any questions that you may have.  Once your major concerns have been shared with the audiologist, he will then determine and administer appropriate hearing testing. Upon completion of the testing, and once the results have come back, the next step is to discuss the results with you.  From there, the audiologist will determine whether hearing aids or other hearing loss treatments are appropriate for you. If your results show that hearing assistance in necessary, our hearing doctor will work to find the best hearing aid solution for your specific needs.

Never once are you left alone to worry about the course of treatment or what steps to take next. With the help of Dr. Podlenski to guide you through the process, you will always be supported.  North County Audiology also looks to work with varying budgets, so do not let cost concerns hold you back from regaining the quality of life you deserve.

For Hearing Aids in San Diego, Contact the North County Audiology Hearing Health Center Today!